Kutak WordPress Theme Documentation

Welcome to Kutak documentation. Kutak is a Creative Blog & Minimal Magazine WordPress Theme.

This theme is extremely begginer friendly but if there is something that isn't in the documentation or isn't clear to you go to theme support tab on themeforest.net. and ask your question.

Demo site https://demo.apalodi.com/landing/kutak/

Theme Setup

Theme Installation

Downloading from ThemeForest and unziping it, you will find the following files:

There are two ways to install the theme:

  1. Uploading the theme into wp-admin
    • Login on your admin panel.
    • Go to Appearance -> Install Themes
    • Upload -> and "Select file" which will open the File Upload dialog window.
    • Browse to the folder where you have kutak.zip and upload it.
    • Now you can activate the theme.
  2. Uploading the theme on custom hosting (FTP)
    • Connect to your FTP using a FTP software, example Filezilla.
    • Unzip the kutak.zip file on your computer.
    • Upload the extracted kutak theme folder into wp-content / themes in your wordpress installation.
    • Login on your wordpress admin panel.
    • Go to Appearance and activate Kutak.

Child Theme

Note: the main theme needs to be installed first.

If you are planning to do several CSS changes, it is highly recommendable to do these changes inside a Child Theme, so you will never loose these changes. Child Theme makes the updates easiers.

Child Theme is installed the same way a normal theme is installed.

Note: The customizer settings are saved for the theme. If you are making changes in the parent theme and then install the child theme you will need to do the customizations again.

Install Required Plugins

After you have installed the theme you will notice a box on the top asking you to install some plugins. These plugins are needed for you to get all the features this theme offers. These plugins are optional and you don't need to install them.

Select all plugins, choose the bulk option "Install" and click "Apply".

When all plugins are installed you will need to go back to the list and activate all the plugins.

When you are done click "Return to dashboard".

Import Demo

This step is fully optional, if you already have a working site don't import this demo content.

If there are some problems with import you should update to the latest theme version or maybe our site is down.

To import the demo data it is required that you have already installed the plugin "One click Demo Import" from the last step.

Click the button. Import process can take a couple of minutes. It takes some time to download all images.

Theme Updates

You will need to install the Envato Market plugin first. See install required plugins. When the plugin is installed a new option will be added to your admin panel.

You will need to generate a personal token, insert it and save it. After that you will get a list of your themes and plugins you bought. When there is a new version available you will be notified.


Theme Options

Note: The customizer settings are saved for the theme. If you are making changes in the parent theme and then install the child theme you will need to do the customizations again.

All the theme customizations are done inside WordPress customizer.

Theme options are under "Theme Options" section.

Change Colors

To change the accent color go to "Color" section and then just pick your color.

Social Icons

To add Social icons go to "Theme Options" and "Social Icons" section and add new icons.

Share Buttons

You will need to install the AP Share Buttons plugin first. See install required plugins. When the plugin is installed a new option will be added to the customizer.

To add share button to your posts go to "AP Share Buttons" section and select the buttons.


Featured Posts

To add a post to a featured area you will need to make the post sticky.

Popular Posts

Installing the "AP Popular Posts" plugin you will get the option to show your most popular posts. They work automatically by saving your posts views and then calculating which posts has most views in some period (1day, 3 days or 7 days).

There are also some settings for the popular posts. E.g. do you want to trigger view with ajax (if you have some cache plugin you need to enable this option).

Newsletter Subscription

Note: You will need to have MailChimp account because you will need to enter your API key for this to work.

You will need to install MailChimp for WordPress plugin first. Then under settings create a new form.

Copy this code to make the form look like on the demo. Please note that you need to change the url for terms page.

              Enter your email to receive our newsletter.

                <input type="email" name="EMAIL" placeholder="Your email address" required />
                <input type="submit" value="Subscribe" />

                    <input name="AGREE_TO_TERMS" type="checkbox" value="1" required=""> I have read and agree to the <a href="https://example.com/terms" target="_blank">terms & conditions</a>

After that ad the widget to the Posts Sidebar

Adaptive Images

By default the theme generates in the background several image sizes only for the featured images. Width: 1520px, 1248px, 999px, 760px, 480px, 360px

Your featured images should be at least 1520x856 for best quality on all devices

By generating several sizes we don't load the 1520px wide image on mobile devices. We are loading the 480px or 990px on some bigger devices with higher pixel density and that is making the site loading faster.

Lazy Loading Media

This theme is using it's own lazy loading script and it's not advised to have other plugins for lazy loading. You should disable them or just the feature for lazy loading.

If you want to use some other plugin for that you can disable theme lazy loading by going to the "Customizer" > "Theme Options" > "Media" and disable lazy loading.


This theme is using internal caching system to speed up some parts of the site to lower the number of SQL queries.

To speed up the frontend we are lazy loading images on user scroll.

And with the help of AP Performance plugin (included with this theme) we are deferring javascript scripts and disabling some unnecessary scripts.

You can disable emoji and embed scripts if you don't need them.


To show the tagmap on a page you will need to set the "Page Template" to "Tagmap".

Posts Excerpt

To add excerpt below post title you will need to fill the "Excerpt" option on posts or pages.

Menu Background Images

To setup navigation you will need to create your Menu in Appearance->Menus. If you don't know how to do that, please see this link

Kutak adds new options for menu items that enable you to customize the menu. This is only available for the primary menu with Modern Header style.

Page Templates

This theme comes with 3 styles for your pages. To change page style you will need to select different page templates.

Change the theme texts

To change the theme and WordPress text you can use some translation plugins like.